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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Hi its me. The collage to the left is by me.
I got a new dog, she's great. She's a Boxer/Great Dane cross. Solid Black and very sweet/bad. I love her, she loves me. My ol man left me. It's OK, it will be better that way.
I'm listening to Los Lobos. I'm feeling ...lonely.
I'm drinking wine, and eating pork (rinds) skins, YES PORK SKINS. I like em. Live with it.
I am making paper beads. I still can't paint. I'm growing lots of tomatoes, though...
I had a bad experience at a local art gallery. If I had it my way, no artist would EVER have to go through that. I hate snooty gallery owners who know NOTHING about art, artists, or the process of making art. This one just wanted a good story for her customers. I'm not a writer, I'm an ARTIST. I love you all.

I thought this Danish guy's site was interesting...I don't understand it all but still. See what you think.
I can't remember how to include links, please forgive me.
Colorful News for Colorful People

Here's some of what he says...

My dreams.
I dream that I never more have to exhibit far from home.
I dream that I never more have to exhibit in foreign countries.
I dream that I never more have to make art works that are not sold on beforehand.
I dream that I never more have to print brochures and flyers.

I dream that I can make my art works in draft in my studio and exhibit it on the internet.
I dream I can exhibit on 10 online internet galleries simultaneously all over the world.
I dream I can offer prints of my drafts to anybody in the world.
I dream potential buyers will download my different flyers and brochures in multiple languages.
I dream about making my fairy tales in multiple languages and exhibit them online.
I dream about showing my storytelling concept - illustrations and writing - online.
I dream about building a network of freelance art dealers - served by the internet.

My dreams have come through.
My apology to the the lady in sable, who has no place to go. The grand openings are disappearing.
No more wine drinking with little fingers pointing into the sky,
no more gossip showing that the lady in sable is someone with style and knowledge on art.
No more piano music covering the gallery owner's enthusiastic efforts to sell multi million
canvases to the lady in sable.

Do I challenge art traditions?
Indeed I do.
Some traditionalists are deeply choked when they hear that my online images in exhibitions on galleries world wide and on my own web site are digital images. Not all are painted.
I use the potential of the new technology to the extreme.


At 2:55 PM, Blogger Bev said...

Cool collage. Where can I find more of your work?

At 3:09 PM, Blogger harmonious1 said...

Thanks for your interest in my artwork. I have some of it up on Flickr. I think I am harmoniousone on Flickr I can't remember! Its either '-one' or '-1'. Do a search, and let me know what you think!
I only did a few collage... collages? I would love to do that again, it is very cleansing. (right word??) I felt better afterward.


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